Bringing Lazy Back: Happy National Lazy Mom’s Day!

In the United States, on Labor Day, we celebrate “contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country,” according to the U.S. Department of Labor. But did you know that there’s another day on which we celebrate another group of workers who also promote the “strength, prosperity and well-being” of another important institution - the family? It’s not a federal holiday (yet), but the first Friday in September is…National Lazy Mom’s Day!

Pumpkin's Donut Themed Birthday Party

Pumpkin, my oldest, turned 5 this summer and the kid is obsessed with birthday parties. She comes up with so many party themes that she’s got her birthday celebrations planned out for at least the next five years. (If you’re curious, future events may involve Star Wars or roller skating.)

Breakfast: An Edible Ode to Dad on Father's Day

Everyone told us when our first child was born that the time would fly by. They were right. Our three sons are now in fifth grade, first grade, and preschool. The last decade has brought my husband and me more mess, more noise, more laughter, more driving, more potty jokes, more sweetness, more struggle, more laundry, and more love than we ever imagined possible.

Packing for a Trip with Kids

I’ve traveled quite a bit with my oldest daughter, who is almost 5, but a couple weeks ago we had the chance to take a trip – just the two of us – for the first time since her little sister was born. We flew from Phoenix to Reno for a wedding at Lake Tahoe. 

One Love, One Meal

Finding a single delicious and healthy meal that works for every single person in the family can be a challenge. One of our kids recently announced he’s not eating pot stickers anymore because he’s tired of them. Another one isn’t eating cheese. The third one tends to change his mind daily about which vegetables and which types of meats he’ll eat.