Our Story

In the bustling world of Bumkins, over 30 years ago, a remarkable mom named Jakki Liberman embarked on a mission. Fed up with the discomfort caused by traditional disposable diapers on her little one's belly, Jakki, a savvy mother of four, turned her garage into a workshop. With determination and creativity, she tinkered with fabrics until she discovered the perfect blend – a gentle interior and a robust, waterproof exterior. And thus, more than three decades ago, the Bumkins cloth diaper, along with its signature waterproof fabric, came to life!

As Jakki's kids grew, so did her knack for inventive solutions. Her designs expanded into the realm of baby and infant feeding, giving rise to award-winning bibs, dishware, and other items that helped solve even the biggest of mealtime messes.

News of Bumkins' clever and cute products spread globally. Families from diverse corners of the world joined the Bumkins community, drawn to the intelligent designs and playful characters that simplified parenting without compromising style or sustainability.

Within Bumkins, a close-knit team of parents and caretakers thrived. Working moms found flexibility, dads and extended family members offered unique perspectives, and digital nomads added a touch of worldly inspiration. Rooted in the sunny city of Phoenix, Arizona, Bumkins stood proudly as a small business, crafting products that reflected their commitment to simplicity, style, and sustainability.

Together, this diverse team tackled the same questions Jakki pondered over 30 years ago – what do parents need today, and how can they craft inventive products to support them?

And so, the story of Bumkins unfolded, a tale not just of success but of a commitment to creating a better world not only for little ones but for the families and individuals that raise them. Our main mission is to create reusable products that can replace and reduce the consumption of convenient, single-use options that are out in the market. Together, we can help build a sustainable future for generations to come!