about bumkins
about bumkins

Our mission is to create fun, smart, and responsibly-made products that support the developing needs and milestones of littles and make life simpler for moms, dads, and caregivers.

baby bumkins diaper liners

The Fabric of Our Success

Bumkins started with a different kind of diaper rash.

In 1989, Jakki Liberman noticed irritation on her daughter's belly from the "stay-dry" waist shield of her disposable diapers. She searched high and low for a better option, but her only choice was a pinned cloth diaper with a plastic cover.  

A working mother of four, she needed a practical alternative. So, she decided to create her own diaper. Huddled among friends in her garage/office, she began testing hundreds of fabrics until she found a soft, skin-safe option and a durable, waterproof exterior — a combo that was both functional and fun. From there, the Bumkins diaper, signature waterproof fabric, and family were born.

Where We Are Today

As her children grew, Jakki’s energy for creative, conscious problem solving soon turned to the feeding space and led to the design of award-winning bibs, dishware, and more offerings that add fun to mealtime and other milestones of developing littles.

Throughout the years, our growing community of parents and caretakers have been coming to us for better parenting alternatives — smart products with unique designs and interpretations of timeless characters that simplify life without sacrificing style or sustainability. These solutions continue to support the developing needs and lifestyles of parents and little ones all over the world.


The Parents Who Uplift Us

Our culture reflects the diverse needs of modern families. Our working moms have the space to pump at the office, the scheduling flexibility to work from home on days without a sitter, but most importantly, support to be both good parents and successful career women. We also have proud dads, aunts, and uncles, Arizona natives and digital nomads; all team members we look to when developing new products to better understand the evolving needs and designs that support contemporary interests and modern lifestyles.

We succeed by asking ourselves the same questions Jakki answered thirty years ago; What do parents need today and how can we design creative products to support them? In asking this, we continue to come up with products and prints that get better with time.