Short-Sleeved Smocks (3-7 yrs)

Bumkins smocks ensure arts and crafts are kept magical (and clean!) with our signature waterproof fabric. With two size options, these smocks feature handy pockets to keep creative tools handy. Plus, these smocks double as an extra-large bib for older kids. Our Short-Sleeved Smock is best for 5-7 years and features an adjustable closure and a waist tie for a custom fit.

Doubles as an extra-large Junior Bib

If your little one has outgrown our Junior Bib but still needs a bit of coverage, you can size up to our Short-Sleeved Smock. The big brother to our Junior Bib, our Short-Sleeved Smock has all the same great features as our Junior Bib, including the adjustable neck closure, and also features an additional tie waist closure.

Measuring approximately 16.5" across and 18.5" from neck down, our Short-Sleeved Smocks feature the same great waterproof fabric as our other bibs.

Adjustable Neck and Waist Closures

Our adjustable neck and waist closures mean you can fit the Short-Sleeved Smock exactly as you need. Plus, our waterproof material wraps around your little one's shoulders and back for that extra bit of coverage.

We’ve always wondered how tots manage to get food and paint on their backs, but with these extra touches, we’re doing our best to protect those clothes from stains.

Catch-All Pocket

All of our bibs and smocks feature a handy catch-all pocket so you can spend less time cleaning messes off your tot's lap and off of the floor. Self-feeding will be messy, leaving our pockets up for the task of catching those runaway crumbs and bites.

Plus, as your little one grows and can ditch the bib functionality, the Short-Sleeved Smock can function as an art smock. Store those handy craft supplies in close quarters with the convenient pockets.

Our Signature Waterproof Fabric

Bumkins' signature waterproof fabric is both soft and strong. Tough enough for daily use and easy to wash, it stands up to messes big and small. Unlike other fabrics, our fabric doesn't have a stiff layer of plastic backing. With our colorfast technology, our prints and designs will stay bright and colorful for many washes to come! Plus, it's really waterproof! See it in action and learn more about our waterproof fabric here.

Machine Washable

Who has time to hand wash? Here at Bumkins, we're all parents. We know there's no end to the laundry, so we've made it even easier for you. Flip that pocket inside-out, fasten your aplix, and toss that bib into the washing machine. Read more washing details here.

Quick Drying

We know babies eat a lot. That's why Bumkins bibs are made with lightweight and waterproof fabric that dries really fast*. A handy tip? Rinse and lightly wash your bib in the kitchen sink, then, hang it to dry for the next mealtime!
*If you live in a humid climate, be sure your bib is fully dried prior to storing.

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Born This Way Foundation

Short-Sleeved Art Smock: Be Kind

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