Baby Led Weaning Gift Set, Disney 100 Years Happy Faces

$ 37.95

Gift a magical start to baby's feeding journey with our Disney 100 Happy Faces Baby-Led Weaning Gift Set! This playful set infuses a touch of Disney nostalgia into every bite, combining a century of storytelling with the practicality of modern-day parenting. Adorned with Disney's iconic characters, our sleeved bib offers generous coverage, a built-in crumb catcher, and an adjustable fit for growing littles. Completed with our Mickey Mouse Silicone First Feeding Set, featuring a charming, Mickey-shaped bowl with a strong suction base and a gentle silicone spoon designed for little hands.

What's Included:

  • Sleeved Bib
  • Mickey Mouse First Feeding Set
  • Branded Disney Baby Box, Disney 100 tissue paper, and Disney 100 sticker.

Product Measurements

  • Sleeved Bib measures approximately 14” across the chest, 13” from neck down, and 32” across cuff to cuff
  • Bowl measures 4.25” in diameter, holds approximately 10 oz; ears measure 2.25” in diameter
  • Spoon measures approximately 4.75” long x 1" around