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Useful & Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Bumkins Gear

Useful & Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Bumkins Gear

Bumkins loves supporting firsts, and our multi-use products are made to have many! We love dreaming up new ways to enrich little milestones with safe, durable designs and materials made to hold up over generations and uses!

Because sustainability and creativity go hand-in-hand, we hope our products reduce single-use waste AND remain helpful as your little ones grow up. So why not use the dishware that supports baby's first bites for your meal prep, a pie pan, or their first paint palette?

Putting the FUN in functional, our community has been sharing resourceful and imaginative ways to reuse and repurpose our products for years.   

Like this person who reduces laundry waste when hand-feeding their (adorable) cat in our Batman SuperBib, enlisting the stain-resistant fabric to catch and quick-wipe salmon oil. A hero indeed! 

Here's a round-up of some of our favorites. We hope they inspire you to get creative and continue growing with Bumkins.

Products with Double Features (Cups + Mats)

The textured silicone on our Sensory Placemat is great for washing paint/makeup brushes or as a mold for playdough. 

sensory placemat playdough

The numbered markings on our Silicone Starter Cups make these great measuring cups when you’re in a pinch!

silicone cups for baby

Grip Dishes + Trays

food storage containers in fridge

Our plates are great for meal prep and food storage (with lids) and make great paint pallets for craft time. Get creative with these easy crafts for littles or these fun sensory play activities using your Bumkins gear.

Splat Mats

Our award-winning waterproof fabric makes Splat Mats great for: 

  • Art projects
  • Tummy time
  • Pets
  • As a drop cloth

Reusable Bags

pumping wet bag

Moms use our waterproof Wet Bags to hold pumping supplies, maternity bag essentials, or while packing for a kid-free getaway

tsa travel bag with makeup inside

Our Clear Travel Bags are perfect for parents packing cosmetics because the fabric is super easy to clean and quick-dry if liquids or powders leave a residue. Especially great if you're trying to keep your luggage to a carry-on — the TSA-compliant quart-size bag holds more than you might guess! 

And we love our small snack bags for keeping track of school supplies in little’s backpack.

reusable bags with many uses

Little Dippers

Use these as craft/paint cups and popsicle molds!


silicone pet bowl

Our Suction Bowls double as: 

  • Pet dishes (the suction grip comes in handy here!)  
  • Food storage (with lid)

    Accessory Tether

    Our Silicone Accessory Tethers are also great for: 

    • Keeping pet supplies and toys within reach
    • Use at your desk to keep track of pens and office supplies 


    *dips BBQ sauce from Little Dipper attached to computer screen*

    What’s your favorite way to repurpose your Bumkins gear? Share your genius @bumkinsbaby or in the comments below! 


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