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About Our Products


See what makes our dishware special (hint: it has a silicone suction base that actually works).

Reusable Bags

Whether you're packing a lunch, organizing your purse, or vacationing, we've got a bag for you.


Our Chewtensils™ and Spoon + Fork Set aren't your normal utensils. Learn why you need these in your kitchen drawer!

Waterproof Bibs

See why our waterproof bibs are the most loved bibs by families. Plus, our designs are pretty cute.

Bumkins Blog: Growing With Bumkins

Catch up on our blog to find easy mealtime ideas that your baby and toddler will love!

About Our Materials

Our Signature Fabric

It's soft and strong, truly waterproof, and quick to dry. See what the rave is all about!

All About Silicone

It's food safe, durable, and easy to clean. Learn why you should swap to silicone.

Product Support & How-To's

Learn how to care for our variety of products so they can live their best life, just like you.

How does this work? What's this made of? What's aplix? Don't worry, we have all the answers.

Cloth diapers are what Bumkins was built on. Learn how to fit your baby and work through any troubles.

Who We Are

About Bumkins

Learn about the team behind Bumkins and how we got where we are today.

Our B.Kind Mission

See how we spread kindness, support our community, and give back to those in need.

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