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Packing for a kid-free getaway

Packing for a kid-free getaway

By Tammy of Musing of a Working Mom 

Earlier this month, Mr. G and I headed off to Cabo for a wedding without the kids.

This is a rare occurrence for us. We've taken the occasional night away, but usually the girls are with their grandparents and we're still in town.

I’m fairly certain we haven’t taken a trip without them since I was pregnant with Peanut, when Mr. G and I went to Hawaii for a wedding, leaving Pumpkin to stay with Grandma and Grandpa.  That was three years ago!

Packing for this kind of trip is a bit different than traveling with kids. We still made sure we brought lots of snacks (no applesauce pouches, though!) but we were able to get everything in one suitcase, and not worry about car seats, etc.

Our Nixi bags helped keep us organized - while traveling and at the resort. 

I used one travel bag for jewelry, another for electronics. Snacks were divvied up between snack bags and travel bags, depending on size. I put a wet/dry bag in my carry on to hold reading material so it wouldn't get crumpled and to protect it from my occasionally leaky water bottle. I also discovered the small travel bag is a perfect size to hold passports and boarding passes and keep them protected! We used more wet/dry bags to keep shoes separated from clean clothes, and to put dirty (or wet) clothes in on the way home. 

We stayed at an all-inclusive resort where the wedding was held and made no plans other than the wedding and a spa appointment, so we got to sleep in and enjoy the pool and beach and possibly a few cocktails. I kept my book, room key, and phone in a wet bag near the pool to keep them protected when I got in the water. 

It was a really nice, relaxing getaway and we enjoyed the time together and being able to focus on catching up with friends. But we were sure ready to get home to the girls! 

We did FaceTime when we could and sent them silly pictures to let them know we were thinking of them. And promises of souvenirs helped, too! 

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