Silicone Grip Dishes and Lid Sets

shop silicone grip dish and lid sets
shop silicone grip dish and lid sets

Our award-winning Silicone Grip Dishes are now available in two sizes; one for younger babies and one for older toddlers. Our original 3 Section Grip Dish is the perfect "first dish" as babies dive into food, while our new 5 Section Grip Dish is ideal for growing toddlers with growing bellies. With our strong suction base, these dishes are sure to stay in place.

Now paired with our fan-favorite Silicone Stretch Lid, these Dish + Lid sets are perfect for meal prep and storing leftovers! Simply place the lid on your dish and store those (never-ending) leftovers in the fridge. Using any dry erase, wet erase, or washable marker, you can remember when it was made or who it belongs to.

A Storage Lid to Match

Our Bumkins Grip Dish has the perfect lid companion. With its frosted see-through top and easy-pull tab, you can easily store leftovers or prep ahead. Great for leaving meals with a babysitter or grandma, or just save time by skipping a separate food container. Plus, our lid has a write-on surface. Using any dry erase, wet erase, or washable marker, you can remember when it was made or who it belongs to.

Our Silicone Stretch Lid is designed to snuggly wrap around your Grip Dish, keeping food fresh inside. While not completely water-tight, our lid is tried and true to withstand most spills.

Strong Suction Base

We know there will be a lot of food hitting the floor during mealtime. Thanks to our strong suction bases, we're helping to stop those dishes from going airborne! Our suction bases also help keep the dish in place while baby is learning how to use utensils and grab onto those slippery first foods.

Once your little one is beyond the dish-throwing stage, you may wonder why a suction base is so important. Well, when your little one is putting a lot of power behind scooping and piercing their foods, the dish tends to slide around the table, causing more food-chasing than food-eating. Thankfully, the suction base helps stabilize those dishes so your little one can focus on the good stuff — getting those yummy bites into their tummy!

Platinum Cured Silicone

Silicone is extremely durable, easy to care for, and safe to use. During creation, silicone can be "cured" with two types of curing agents. We use the best one - platinum. When cured with platinum, there are no by-products created, and the silicone's already fabulous qualities are amplified. Learn more about our platinum silicone.

Deep Interior Walls

We know it can be frustrating to work hard at scooping, only to have the food fall out of the dish. Our deep interior walls help your little one grab and scoop food. The inside walls are also sloped, allowing utensils to glide for maximum scooping.

Straight Edge For Easy Eating

When you're little, eating is hard work. That's why most of our Grip Dishes have a straight edge, so your little one can get their rumbly tummy right next to that dish and feast away.

Dishwasher, Microwave, and Oven Safe

Silicone is extremely durable, which means it's safe in nearly all appliances. Heat safe up to 400°F/204°C so you can cook or reheat your little one's favorite foods in a snap! If you've warmed it up too much, you can go straight from microwave to freeze for a quick cool down.

Silicone is also dishwasher safe. Wash your Bumkins dishware however you see fit, but rest assured, the days of handwashing dishes are in the past with silicone.