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Painting With Veggies - An Autumn Craft 🎨

Painting With Veggies - An Autumn Craft 🎨

Instructions by: @athomewithastghik

Who says vegetables are just for eating? Try this autumn craft using sweet potatoes and corn to create fun art work during craft time.

Corn Paint Craft

🌽rinse the corn well and pat it dry. 
🌽 cut the corn in half, if needed, to make it easier to handle.
🌽Place corn holders on both ends of the corn to help make it easier for kids to grab and hold. If you don’t have a corn holder, make sure to not paint the ends of the corn (only paint the center part). This will help make it easier for kids to hold and roll the corn. 
🌽use a paint brush to brush paint over the corn. We used washable paint
🌽 roll the corn over paper to help achieve a fun look. 

Sweet Potato “Stamps”

🍠 scrub the sweet potato clean under cold water and pat it dry.
🍠 select a cookie cutter you’d like to use to help create the shape of your “stamp.” Make sure the cookie cutter is small enough to fit the sweet potato. 
🍠  cut one of the ends off of the sweet potato. I made sure to use a sweet potato that was round enough (or big enough ) for the cookie cutter I had planned on using.
🍠 place the cookie cutter on the cut part of the sweet potato and try to push it into the sweet potato (about 1/2 way in. You don’t want to push it in all the way. Just enough to be able to create the shape).
🍠 use a pairing knife to cut around the cookie cutter
🍠 smooth out the edges and corners if needed with the pairing knife before removing the cookie cutter 
🍠 carefully remove the cookie cutter
🍠 the top part of the sweet potato will now resemble the shape of your cookie cutter 
🍠 dip the sweet potato “stamp” into the paint and stamp the paint onto the paper. 

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