How to Build a Cloth Diaper Cake

By Tammy from @mommatammyaz

As most women in this stage of life, I attend quite a few baby showers, and I see a lot on my social media channels. This means, I see a lot of diaper cakes – but I’ve never seen a cloth diaper cake. Since my little Peanut wore cloth for two years, I wanted to try my hand at this for the cloth-diapering mommas!

I started with a Bumkins Splat Mat, folded in half and rolled up to form the center column.

cloth diaper cake

Around that, I wrapped five Minky Inserts, and nine Bumkins Cloth Diapers around the outer layer. (Each of these cloth diapers was rolled length-wise, and tied with a ribbon to stay rolled.) Double-sided tape can help keep the diapers in place, and it definitely helps to have a second set of hands hold everything together while you tie a ribbon all the way around each layer!

cloth diaper cake for baby shower
disney cloth diaper cake

For the middle layer, I stacked all four Inserts on the bottom layer and added the double-sided tape. Then, around those, I added seven more cloth diapers. This was the Snap-in-One Cloth Diaper layer, and five of the diapers had capes, so I folded these in half and rolled them inward so the capes would face out. I tied the ribbons under the cape so the capes would be the focal point.

Moving on up, I wrapped a cloth insert around the base, and wrapped that with a rolled-up Splat Mat, Diaper Pail Liner, Wet Bag, Sleeper, and Bodysuit and Pant Set.

cloth diaper cake example

The final step was to bunch up a package of Flannel Wipes to resemble flowers, and tuck them in between the top layer and the core splat mat. Finally, I clipped on a Pacifier Clip, with a Silicone Teether attached.

cloth diaper cake
fabrics for cloth diaper cake

This was so much fun to make, and can be done eclectically, as I did here, or stay on a certain theme of characters or colors. And various pieces can be swapped out depending on what the family has on their registry.

cloth diaper cake close up

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