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Winnie the Pooh Quotes that Speak to Mom Life

Winnie the Pooh Quotes that Speak to Mom Life

Looking back on the furry philosophers of Winnie the Pooh, mother Kanga may have had more influence than we thought. Some of the most quotable lines of the classic series speak to the moments moms often say “aww” or more often, “Oh, bother,” (possibly another “bad” word mumbled under your breath). 

To celebrate Winnie the Pooh Day, we created our very own memes inspired by the best mom-isms of the Hundred Acre Wood featuring some of our Bumkins babies!

At lunchtime:

winnie the pooh plate


When your little is quiet for far too long and reappears with a mischievous smile:

winnie the pooh quote

 When they get a little hangry:

winnie the pooh baby quote

Zen solutions for selective listening:

winnie the pooh quotes

The mystery of accidents:

winnie the pooh quote and toddler


Finding buried treasure i.e. old pieces of food in the couch:

pooh quotes


Avoiding obstacles (Legos, teeny tiny toys, mystery eggs):

pooh bear quotes

On standing upright:

pooh bib quote

A gentle reminder that “it” gets better:

And when you struggle to fit into your pre-baby jeans, Pooh Bear tells us to remember:

pooh hug quote

But what makes Pooh Bear and Pals most like moms is how much they love littles:

pooh quotes on love 

Want to share this lovable bear with your cub? Check out our entire Winnie the Pooh collection here.

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