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Smart & Delicious Dining: A Week of Dinners for $50

Smart & Delicious Dining: A Week of Dinners for $50


In this blog, @kristen.carli shows us how to take $50 and make 5 meals for your whole family shopping at Trader Joe's.

In a world where dining out can quickly drain your wallet, the allure of preparing affordable and delicious meals at home is stronger than ever. Trader Joe's, a beloved grocery store known for its unique and reasonably priced offerings, has become the ideal grocery store for budget-conscious food enthusiasts. With just over $50, I will show you how strategic shopping and the right ingredients from Trader Joe's can yield not just one, but five healthy dinners that won't break the bank. It's time to prove that cooking on a budget can be both delicious and healthy.

Grocery List

The following grocery list has been strategically planned so that you will utilize all of the necessary ingredients for the planned dinners, with no traces of leftovers. You no longer have to feel bad about that sad bag of spinach wilting away in your crisper drawer. Because of this, you’ll avoid food waste and keep more money in your wallet.

🛒 Pizza sauce
🛒 Organic creamy tomato soup x 2
🛒 Spinach tortellini x 2
🛒 Canned organic vegetarian chili x 2
🛒 Garlic herb chicken sausage x 2
🛒 Garlic & herb pizza dough
🛒 Frozen sweet potato fries
🛒 Shredded 3 cheese blend
🛒 Organic baby spinach
🛒 Red bell peppers x 2
🛒 Yellow bell peppers x 2
🛒 Mini pearl grape tomatoes 16 oz

    Total: $50.35 (tax may vary based on your location)
    Click here for our printable grocery list!

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