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Sensory Play - All Age Activity

Sensory Play - All Age Activity

Today we are taking the traditional baking soda and vinegar science experiment to the next level.

I have yet to find a kiddo who doesn’t think this is cool. I’ve done it with my own child when he was 17 months and would do this in my classroom when I taught first grade, each of them were just as excited. It is fun for a wide range of ages.

In general this sensory experiment gets the children excited and talking.

Use this as an opportunity to open up conversation with your children and prompt them with critical thinking questions.


Ideas of what to ask:


What do you think will happen when we squirt the vinegar into the baking soda water?

What do you think will happen when the colors mix? Will they stay the same or change?

What do you think the soap will do?


Can you describe what happened?

What do you see?

What do you smell?

Are the colors mixing?

What new colors are they making?

What does it feel like?

What happens when we squirt the vinegar harder vs softer?

What you need for this sensory play experiment:

Baking soda



Food Coloring

Squirt Bottle (or an empty water bottle with a hole poked into the top)


Clear cups

Bumkins Art Smock

Bumkins Splat Mat


How to do this sensory play experiment?

1. In each cup mix together : 2 tbs baking soda, about 2/3 cup water (eyeball it so it fills up most of the cup), a few drops of food coloring, a healthy squirt of dish soap (about 1 tsp)

2. Fill the squirt bottle with vinegar an a drop or two of food coloring.

3. Set the cups up in a tub or on the splat mat and let your child squirt into the cups.

4. Use the questions above to facilitate conversations.



Angela Smith is a new mom trying to navigate this crazy, fun, scary, hilarious, uncharted territory while keeping a tiny human alive and maybe enjoying a cup of coffee that hasn’t had to be reheated 10 times…maybe. Once upon a time, her blog Run Like Kale used to be all about fantastic nutritious adult recipes and her rigorous running life, back when there was time for all that. Now you'll find her blogging about incorporating your baby into your workout and lots of sensory play activities. Oh, how the times have changed. You can also find her on Instagram and Facebook too!


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