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Fun Prints to Encourage Self-Expression & Inspire Creativity in Littles

Fun Prints to Encourage Self-Expression & Inspire Creativity in Littles

According to PBS, “The experiences children have during their first years of life can significantly enhance the development of their creativity.”

Fostering and celebrating creativity has always been a part of our mission at Bumkins. When designing our signature waterproof fabric more than thirty years ago, one of our must-haves was the ability to incorporate fade-proof color and fun prints. 

Back then, brands started introducing color and prints to disposable diapers, but you only had one option for cloth diapers. We thought, why can’t caregivers have an alternative that’s safe, sustainable, AND fun? We’ve since carried that spirit of creativity into our entire product line. 

We are always working to come up with new prints, colors, and characters that spark joy and inspire imagination — building on a wide range of options for littles to express themselves as they begin to find their favorites and discover their unique style.

toddler in swim outfit walking near pool

We partner with beloved brands to put our spin on classic characters and heroes:

DC Comics

toddlers in matching batman bibs

Disney Baby

baby in mickey mouse bib smiling

Disney Baby Black + White

baby in disney black and white bib looking at minnie mouse dish

Disney Baby/Pixar

toddler smiling in toy story friends bib

Harry Potter™

baby girl in harry potter bib eating

Super Mario®

toddler painting in super mario bib



girl holding hello kitty reusable snack bag

And we love dreaming up Bumkins Originals to inspire confidence and imagination!

Dinosaurs & Blue Tropics

toddler eating out of dinosaur plate in hangry bib

Cacti & Llamas

toddler looking in a reusable sandwich bag with llamas on it

Rainbows & Unicorns

young girl painting in a rainbow art smock

Hearts & XOXO

baby wearing a waterproof bib with black and white hearts

What would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Sya

    Thank you for your information. Visit our website for more information

    November 26, 2023
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