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Plastic Free July and Beyond: 12 Ways to Start Your Plastic Free Journey

Plastic Free July and Beyond: 12 Ways to Start Your Plastic Free Journey

#PlasticFreeJuly came and went and we learned new tips for minimizing our plastic consumption. We also learned It’s nearly impossible to avoid plastic in our daily lives. Sometimes we slip up picking out a new favorite pair of pants, bringing home veggies from the market or taking dinner leftovers for lunch to work. Plastic is everywhere. The thing is, we know that plastic is hard to avoid, so we want to make you aware of some easy ways to consume less plastic, and maybe even eventually make being more eco-conscious a lifestyle and a habit. 

1. Portable collapsible straws,  Stainless steel straws  Glass straws 

Plastic straw bans are popping up in many cities prohibiting straws from local businesses. We love this idea but also understand sometimes it's easier to sip with a straw! 

2. Cloth Diapers  

Billions of disposable diapers are hauled to the landfill each year and each individual disposable diaper takes approximately 500 years to decompose. With cloth diapers, there is no landfill waste, nor chemical waste to worry about. Apprehensive about cloth diapering? Check out our Diaper Guide.

3. Thermos or Reusable Water Bottle 

Using a thermos or reusable water bottle is often many peoples first step in reducing plastic in their everyday life. If you are like us, you have tried and tested more than you want to share. Right now we love Eco Vessel because it maintains cold and hot liquids temperature for extended periods of time, its great for summer activities and it has a sleek design. There are so many incredible bottles on the market it really comes down to preference and your mood.


4. Reusable Snack bags, Travel bags, and shopping bags

It's getting easier to say no thanks to plastic while at the grocery store, packing your kids snacks or even preparing for vacation. Many retailers and grocery stores provide reusable totes to carry your shopping bounty. An eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic baggies are great for food or fun, snack bags help organize lunches, toys, electronics and more!

5. Bring your own produce bags, or use Wet Bags and buy fresh produce when you can!

6. Glass Tupperware

Glass Tupperware not only avoids using plastic, it's also easier to clean, contains less harmful chemicals and kind of classes up eating on the go. Here is our fave. If you want to complete the meal, carry your own Utensil set!


7. On a budget?  

Reuse the plastic takeout containers often provided by restaurants. If this isn’t possible then be the conscious customer that brings Tupperware to the restaurant. Many restaurants are more than happy to comply with your plastic free requests.

8. Compost food and waste less plastic bags

Check with your local municipality’s website, see what green waste services are offered, when and where E-waste drop-offs are held and determine where bulk item recycling locations are. If there are no composting services offered by local municipalities, there are often composting services at farmers’ markets. There are even compost pick up services, like this one in Phoenix.

9. Request zero plastic packaging when ordering online - when possible 

When a product gets shipped to you from an online purchase, give the retailer feedback about the amount of plastic they used. This lets them know that customer satisfaction may include their sustainability measures.

10. Make second-hand purchases

Why not? You save a few dollars and contribute less waste in the process all the way down to the packaging.

11. Buy from businesses/ retailers/grocers/operations that make living plastic-free a priority.

We believe this is the only way we can start changing norms! SHOP CONSCIOUSLY. Look at what Starbucks recently implemented

12. Have an ice cream cone!

When all is said in done don't think twice and always order the ice cream cone. Don’t worry about the extra calories it's better for the environment, 😉.


We know life is a balancing act and some of these suggestions might not be feasible for you and your family at this time. We just wanted to share some of our current fave eco-friendly alternatives with you!

Let us know what you think, what are some of your favorite green tips?



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