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How-To: Decorating Halloween Eggs

How-To: Decorating Halloween Eggs

By Tammy of Musing of a Working Mom 

Recently, Pumpkin (my 5-year-old), asked if we could decorate eggs. Easter eggs in the fall. My first instinct was to tell her no (why is that always a mom’s first instinct?) but I thought about it for a minute, and realized we could have some fun with it.

I came up with a Halloween theme – candy corn eggs, jack-o-lantern eggs and, because Pumpkin and Peanut (my 2-year-old) had dressed like Mike and Sulley for Halloween a couple years ago, Monsters, Inc. eggs.

Candy Corn Eggs
Because there aren’t exactly a ton of Easter Egg dyeing kits lying around this time of year, I used some craft wire to make an egg dipper for the candy corn eggs. I dipped it into the yellow first, adjusting the wire so it would hang in the dye with only the top third of the egg exposed, leaving it white. Then, I raised it a little higher to go into the orange dye, so only the bottom third turned orange, leaving the white-yellow-orange pattern of candy corn.

Jack-O-Lantern Eggs
These eggs were definitely the easiest of the bunch! I dyed the eggs solid orange and, once they dried, cut face shapes from black masking tape and stuck the tape to the eggs. Alternatively, the faces could also be drawn on with edible food markers.

Monsters, Inc. Eggs
I used neon food dyes in green and blue for Mike and Sulley, respectively. I used edible food markers to make the characters. For Mike Wazowski, I used black and green for his eye and mouth. For James P. Sullivan, I thought his facial features would be more difficult to recreate, so instead I just stuck to the purple dotted pattern of his fur, using a purple marker and outlined the spots in black. Given that it was still pretty warm here in Arizona when I was doing all this, the eggs were a little sweaty coming out of the fridge for their makeover, so the colors bled a bit, but I am pleased with how they turned out!

Pumpkin had a great time using the edible markers on her pink and green eggs and they will make her school lunches a bit more fun, while still being healthy! Maybe Momma should learn to say yes more often … 

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