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Important Food Rules For Keeping Baby Safe When Introducing Solids

Important Food Rules For Keeping Baby Safe When Introducing Solids

By: Pegah Jalali of @pediatric.dietitian 

A parent's priority is always to keep their babies safe. It can be very overwhelming when introducing solids since there are so many myths about them. We wanted to focus on a few food rules that actually matter for keeping your baby safe when introducing solids, so you know what is important!

What about Honey? 

Babies should not eat any honey until they are 12 months old. This is because honey contains botulin spores that can make babies very sick. Honey can be hidden in baked goods like whole-wheat bread, muffins, and crackers. Avoid honey until your child’s immunity can safely handle the honey.

Undercooked Eggs, Meat, and Fish 

Undercooked eggs, meat, and fish should also be avoided. Undercooked meat, fish, or eggs can contain harmful bacteria like salmonella and e.coli that can make babies very sick. It is best to fully cook these foods since raw or undercooked fish, meat, and eggs can cause food-borne illness in children of any age.

Modifying foods to prevent choking 

Modifying foods to avoid choking hazards is also important for keeping babies safe. For example, hard and round foods like grapes, blueberries, and cherry tomatoes always need to be cut into quarters or squished before offering to a baby. Other foods that can be choking hazards include whole nuts or seeds. It is best to offer these crushed finely or as a smooth nut or seed butter. If you are using nut or seed butters like peanut butter, choose a smooth version and spread thinly on a piece of bread or fruit. Or you can mix it into yogurt or oatmeal since globs of peanut butter can be a choking hazard since it is so sticky.

How much salt can babies eat? 

Babies can safely eat a small amount of salt. It is best to try to avoid salted food when possible since their kidneys and taste buds are still developing. Research suggests that babies who avoid salt are more likely to eat a varied diet as they grow into toddlers. Babies can eat seasoned foods safely. Choose seasonings that your family uses. Some popular seasonings for babies include cinnamon, garlic powder, oregano, and cumin. Check out our blog post about seasonings here for more information.

I hope you find this information helpful. There are no other “strict” rules when feeding babies. You can confidently feed your baby the foods that you enjoy. Definitely check out our other blog posts about introducing solids if you need more help.

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