Rainbow Dream 4-PC Makeup Kit, After the Rain

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Klee Naturals

After The Rain are rainbows which create a beautiful landscape of color and dreams.  What rainbows and Klee Naturals do NOT bring are nasty chemicals such as artificial dyes, talc and heavy mineral oils!   

The After The Rain kit includes Jackson Sway eye shadow, Scottsdale Dash blush, Strawberry Kiss lip shimmer and Rio Splash roll-on natural fragrance. Rainbow blush brush and eye shadow applicator included.   

Klee Naturals offers a natural, non-toxic alternative to mass market makeup that is typically filled with artificial dyes, fragrances, heavy mineral oils and other petrochemical ingredients. Klee makeup is made of the highest quality minerals, natural preservatives, and other good-for-you ingredients.   

  • NO talc - NO parabens - NO synthetic dyes - NO synthetic fragrances  
  • Gentle and Non-Toxic.  
  • Gluten Free  
  • Made in USA

Ages 3+