Cutie PAT Round Pacifier, Cranberry

$ 11.95

Ryan & Rose

Size: Stage 2


Named for its function, the Cutie PAT is a pacifier and teether in one. The pacifier side was created to soothe an infant/baby, and the teether portion was developed to aid with teething relief.    

The Cutie PAT Round comes in two stages: for babies with and without teeth. The Stage 1 round nipple is a great option for newborns as it helps them master the sucking technique. As the baby grows and develops teeth, they can easily transition to the Round Stage 2 option: it is the same exact shape as Stage 1, but offers a thicker nipple that is bite resistant.

  • The Cutie PAT (Pacifier And Teether) is a multifunctional 2-in-1 patented design.
  • The nipple was created to soothe, while the teether was developed to aid in teething relief.
  • The Cutie PAT is a safe, one-piece design made out of 100% medical-grade silicone.

Stage 1: Age: 0-6M 

Stage 2: Age: 6M+  

Size: Stage 2