Getting Started

How Many Cloth Diapers Do I Need?

Your baby’s age, the diaper style you prefer, and how often you do laundry will help determine the number of cloth diapers you will need. Building your “stash” (cloth diaper lingo for your collection of diapers) can be a fun process!

Plan on replacing or adding a few diapers throughout your baby’s diapering years. General use and care, laundering methods, water hardness, detergent, etc., all impact the lifespan of cloth diapers.

How Much Do Cloth Diapers Cost?

Just like fashion, cloth diapers have “splurge” or “steal” options, depending on your choices. Cloth diapers can cost as little as $300 for a basic stash, up to $1,000 for a luxury stash. Depending on which style of diapers you are adding to your stash, the cost can vary. Estimated costs for six of our two styles of diapers are:

6 Contours + 2 Covers $65 - $90
6 Snap-In-Ones $125 - $160

What Size and Style Should I Choose?

You often hear parents discussing which style of cloth diapers they prefer, and unless you know the lingo, it can be confusing! Why so many options? Think of cloth diapers like jeans – there are several styles, fabrics and features to fit your preferences.

Snap-In-One Diaper

This integrated diaper system features an absorbent cloth layer and a protective, waterproof cover that function together as one unit. These diapers are similar to disposables in the application, meaning they go onto baby in one simple step - and they are washed all together.

Why we love them:

  • Fit at birth
  • Easy to use and most convenient; most similar to disposable diapers
  • 100% cotton interior offers deluxe comfort.
  • Adjustable in both the hip and waist for best fit and leak protection

Diaper Cover

This two-piece diapering system consists of an absorbent cloth diaper (Prefold, Fitted or Contour), along with a separate waterproof cover. These must be used together to create your diaper. This system allows parents to reuse the cover several times, replacing the absorbent diaper portion as needed.

Why we love them:

  • Generally more economical
  • Quick drying time
  • Versatile, as covers can be used with diaper-service prefolds, fitted diapers, contours or flat diapers

Contour Diapers

Contour diapers are specifically designed to fit most brands of cloth diaper covers. Made of 100% cotton velour exterior, with two interior layers of microfiber terry for optimum absorbency. Sized in newborn and one-size, these are a great for newborns and can be used all the way to potty training! These are part of a two-piece diaper system and require a diaper cover.

Why we love them:

  • Easiest cloth diapering option for newborns
  • Modern form of prefolds - economical, simple, and easier
  • Easily add absorbency by adding additional inserts into the contour pocket
  • Newborn contours can be used as extra inserts in larger diapers