We want to live in a world where every little grows up with access to sustainable parenting alternatives, resources, representation, and opportunity. Unfortunately, this is not the reality for too many, and we don’t want to wait for change; we want to be a part of it. B.Kind invests in the lives of families locally and abroad without access to the same privileges we may take for granted.

We bring products that encourage child development and give attention to families without support because we believe every child deserves a healthy start and an equal opportunity to thrive.



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Our Six Key Causes

Over the last 30 years, we have worked to ensure that the products we create reach the most vulnerable both in our community and beyond. B.Kind focuses on six significant areas of support:

1) Kindness

"How we treat one another impacts how we feel about ourselves, how we feel about each other, and how healthy our communities are." - Born This Way Foundation

Kind: Showing tenderness or goodness; disposed to do good and confer happiness; averse to hurting or paining

Much like love, Kindness is a noun and a verb. All of our initiatives enlist kindness.

Research reveals that the spirit of kindness is contagious. When we experience or witness kindness, we perceive the world more warmly and are more likely to show up for others. Our mission is reliant on this cascading kindness. The service of helpers around the world creates pathways for us to give to those most in need. And this ripple effect brings us one step closer to a world where all littles get to grow up healthy and feel loved.

We are a proud sponsor of #BeKind21 — Partnering with Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation to promote kindness as a habit.


2) Local Engagement

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about." Margaret J. Wheatley

It is our honor to support global organizations that reach families in developing countries where support is much needed. We also understand the power of connecting with people where they live — and for us, it’s Phoenix, Arizona.  

For three decades, we’ve worked to cultivate community and create space for meaningful conversations and open expression. Throughout the year, we host panels with diverse community leaders and friends. These dialogues center around social issues and provide opportunities for mothers to share their voices on topics such as gender inclusivity and equality.

In an added effort to support the children closest to us, we give many of our donations to children in foster care and families experiencing homelessness in the greater Phoenix area.



3) Healthy Children

One-third of families unable to afford household goods report bathing without soap (33%) or reusing diapers (32%) without access to basic necessities. Source 

Often spread through poor hygiene, “Diarrhea kills 2,195 children every day—more than AIDS, malaria, and measles combined.” Source

Maternal conditions are the top cause of mortality among girls aged 15-19 globally. Source

Hygiene poverty, environment, and early malnutrition directly impact child development. That’s why we’ve chosen to support local and global community groups and health educators who focus their efforts on providing aid, education, and public health assistance to families in need.

4) Healthy Hearts and Minds

Nearly 1 in 5 children have a mental, emotional, or behavioral disorder. According to the CDC, “Unfortunately, only about 20% of children with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders receive care from a specialized mental health care provider.”

Postpartum depression can affect around 20% of mothers , the prevalence for teen moms is nearly double. Source

Access to mental health resources is vital for young caregivers and children, especially those growing up or parenting under stressful conditions without healthy connections or emotional support. We make a targeted effort to sponsor children’s hospitals, community groups, and global organizations that provide psychological health services to children and families struggling with mental health issues.

5) Environmental Sustainability

The average family uses over 500 plastic sandwich bags a year, with over 10 million homes using 21 or more in a single week. Source

Since 1989, we’ve worked hard to create products that promote sustainable solutions to everyday family needs. We reimagine single-use products, designing reusable options that meet safety regulations and reduce waste.

Environmental consciousness is at the forefront of our product design because every child deserves a habitable planet. Through B.Kind, we donate unused materials and raw goods to organizations in need, who then repurpose them into blankets, quilts, and hygiene necessities.

6) Underserved Communities

“Family income is linked to many health factors such as nutrition, health care, school quality, access to safe play areas, air pollution, etc. Everything that a child is exposed to in the home and neighborhood environment has the potential to impact his or her developing brain.” Source

At Bumkins, we believe every child deserves the right to thrive regardless of color or circumstance. We realize this is still out of reach for too many children, especially those born with life-threatening illnesses or without parents. This is why we make it a point to donate a significant portion of our products to children within the foster care and group home systems, babies impacted by HIV, youth enrichment programs, and feeding therapists who work to improve feeding practices in orphanages, reaching the most vulnerable among us.

Organizations We Support

Giving back has been a core belief at Bumkins. Through B.Kind, it has been our mission to improve the health, safety, & well-being of children throughout the world. To support this mission, B.Kind has donated thousands of products over the last 30 years to organizations across Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica, Haiti, Uganda, Malawi, China, and Fiji.


  • Arizona Needy Newborns
  • Phoenix Children’s Hospital
  • Maggie's Place
  • UMOM
  • Numerous foster parent families


  • The Sparrow Fund
  • Hope for Haiti
  • Orphanages in Malawi, Mexico, China (Kunming in Yunnan province), Haiti


  • Jakes Diapers
  • Generation Her
  • The Homelessness Period Project
  • Stony Brook WIC Program
  • Women Children Hunstville Hospital
  • La Leche League International
  • Chattanooga Area Breastfeeding Connection