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Bib Care

Care & Laundering of SuperBibs® and Other Bumkins Waterproof Products

  • SuperBibs® and other Bumkins Waterproof Products can be washed in any temperature water.
  • Machine or hand wash with regular laundry detergent in your normal laundry load.
  • Do not use any bleach or any non-chlorine bleach additives.
  • When washing in the kitchen sink, any liquid dish soap can be used.
  • When washing bibs, flip the catchall pocket inside out prior to washing and hang to dry.
  • Products can also be put in the dryer, but may get wrinkled.

To Avoid Stains

  • To prevent stains, promptly rinse bibs in cold water and launder as soon as possible.
  • Some foods, like tomato sauce or beet juice, may stain the fabric if left too long before washing.

Mold Prevention

Mold stains form when fabric is splashed with food or water and then left somewhere warm and dark while still damp. It is best to clean food from bibs and bags immediately and wash them before mold and the resultant mold stains can form. When laundering is complete, make sure that all the fabric is entirely dry before being folded and put away. Store bibs and bags in a well-ventilated space for best results.