Arrr! Our Jake Collection Be Settin' Sail Soon!


Ahoy!  Our Jake and the Neverland Pirates collection be settin' sail fer good, so we're offerin' ye some savin's on what here product be left!  

Take yer pick from any of these here bibs, and save 25% usin' code BYEJAKE at checkout*.

Jake Bibs


 *This here be the wee print.  This code be good on ‘til 10/19/16 at 11:59 p.m. (PST) or 'til we run dry.  Only fer use on Jake products U-DJK12, SU-DJK10, SU-DJK12. Don’t be tryin’ to hornswaggle us; this here offer’s not fer blokes who be wholesaling’ or sellin’ on Amazon. Shippin’s not included.  Thar may be more restrictions.

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