Waterproof Bib Care

Care & Laundering of SuperBibs® (and other Waterproof products)

• Machine or hand wash with common laundry detergent, in your normal laundry load.

• Do not use any bleach or any non-chlorine bleach additives.  

• When washing in the kitchen sink, use any liquid dish soap.

• Use any temperature water.

• Flip the pocket inside out and hang dry to allow the bib to dry thoroughly.

• SuperBibs can be put in the dryer but will get wrinkled. 


To Avoid Stains:

Some foods, like tomato sauce or beet juice, may stay in the fabric if left too long before rinsing off the bib. To prevent stains, promptly rinse bib in cold water and launder as soon as possible. 


Mold on Clothing: (Why it happens and how to avoid it.) 

Mold is a fungus that thrives on organic matter, and it appears in a wide variety of forms. Mold spores occur naturally in the atmosphere and settle and grow wherever conditions are suitable for them.

Some molds are deliberately cultivated, to make cheeses and some antibiotics, for example. Other molds are unwanted and adore food, whether on the counter, inside the fridge, or smeared into carpeting and clothing. Molds are not photosynthetic – in fact, many molds are photosensitive and will die in bright light. Because molds can form in a variety of environments, mold stains, especially on clothing, can pop up with irritating frequency.

Prevention is the first step in dealing with mold stains on clothing. Mold stains form when clothing is splashed with food or allowed to get wet and left somewhere warm and dark. When food spills occur, it is best to clean them immediately and wash the clothing before mold and the resultant mold stains can form. When laundry is done, make sure that all the clothing is completely dry before being folded away. Keep clothing in a well ventilated space, as well.

If mold stains have already set in, there are a number of steps to follow. Ideally, the mold stains should be caught as soon as possible, before the organism has had a chance to dig in. Bring the mold stained clothing outside and brush it out, to prevent spores from spreading around your home. Clothing that has been stored in proximity to the mold stained clothing should also be taken out and aired, and wiping down the shelf, drawer, or closet where the clothing was kept with a mild bleach solution will kill any spores floating in that environment.

The next step is to leave the clothing in the sun to dry out, because heat and sunlight kill many varieties of mold. Hang the clothing from a clothes line so that it remains well ventilated and the sunlight falls evenly across most of the garment. Mold stains will likely still remain, because fungus discolors fabric.

Presoak the mold stains in cold water, and then wash hot or warm with detergent. Check the garment before putting it in the dryer to make sure that the mold stains are gone, and wash it again if necessary. Drying the garment in the sun to kill any remaining spores is advised.