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Wet Bag: Disney 100 Years of Fun $ 11.95
Splat Mat: Disney 100 Years of Fun $ 20.95
Spoon + Fork: Vanilla Sprinkle $ 15.95
Silicone Bib: Vanilla Sprinkle $ 17.95

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Our Signature Fabric

Tough enough for daily use and easy to wash, it stands up to messes big and small.

As the original waterproof bib fabric, our fabric is perfect for keeping baby clean and dry. During production, our fabric is treated with our own proprietary liquid coating to ensure your bib will withstand all messes, no matter how big.

We make it easy. Our fabric is machine washable, and it dries really fast too. To learn how to best care for each of your items, visit our Product Care page.

As new safety guidelines arise, we will work internally to test our products and ensure that we stay on top of compliance across all the territories we serve. Visit the following link for more information on product safety.

Our signature waterproofing also means our fabric is resistant to most stains. If you're dealing with a particular stain-prone food item (spaghetti, we're talking about you), we recommend rinsing with cold water as soon as mealtime is over

Our Platinum Silicone

Learn what makes our silicone dishware perfect for mealtime.

We know there will be a lot of food hitting the floor during mealtime (all the more reason for a Splat Mat). Thanks to our strong suction bases, we're helping to stop those dishes from going airborne! Plus, our strong suction bases are great for baby led weaning and self-feeding

Silicone is dishwasher safe. Wash your Bumkins dishware however you see fit, but rest assured, the days of handwashing dishes are in the past with silicone.

As parents, we worry about enough. Silicone's properties are naturally bacteria, mold, and fungus resistant. Our dishes also feature a smooth finish, so there's nowhere for food to get trapped.

Heat safe up to 400°F/204°C so you can cook or reheat your little one's favorite foods in a snap! With silicone's durable nature, you can go straight from microwave to freeze for a quick cool down.

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