Our Signature Fabric

Just like you, Bumkins' signature waterproof fabric is both soft and strong. Tough enough for daily use and easy to wash, it stands up to messes big and small. Unlike other fabrics, our fabric doesn't have a stiff layer of plastic backing. With our colorfast technology, our prints and designs will stay bright and colorful for many washes to come!

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Our Platinum Silicone

To throw a bit of science at you, silicone is an inert, rubber-like material that is safe, durable and flexible. Silicone is created from oxygen and bonded silicon, a very common natural element found in sand and rock. Bumkins only uses 100% food-safe silicone in our products, without any fillers.

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Loved By Parents

With over 30,000 five-star reviews, parents in-the-know choose Bumkins products to make life a little easier.