Bumkins Helps Retailers Hang in There
New diaper packaging gives competitive edge to storefronts
Scottsdale, AZ  December 8, 2008 -- In an effort to aid brick and mortar retailers more efficiently display cloth diapers, Bumkins design team has created adorable and sturdy packaging that easily hangs on existing fixtures. The new style packaging for individual All-in-Ones and Fitted Diapers allows for versatile and condensed diaper merchandising.

Not only is the packaging extremely functional, saving precious floor space, but it also features innovative design. Cleverly shaped like a baby, the form further demonstrates the product's use and amplifies the strong visual appeal of Bumkins printed diapers. Bumkins hopes to boost store sales by captivating consumer interest through visual impact.

The response to the new packaging has been overwhelmingly positive. The growing popularity of cloth diapers has created a need for convenient packaging that is congruent with standard display methods. Bumkins has been eager to address this void, and as such, are concurrently releasing branded clip strips for diaper cover display to offer a complete merchandising selection for their diapering products.

"With this new packaging design we have succeeded in two things," states Chris Marzuola Creative Director of Bumkins, "better educating the consumer and providing retailers with a unique and creative display option."

The new packaging from Bumkins Finer Baby Products is currently available upon retailer request.

About Bumkins Finer Baby Products, Inc.:

Born from necessity, Bumkins Finer Baby Products, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, was founded over twenty years ago by Jakki Liberman. The innovative mom developed the All-In-One Cloth Diaper for her children as a health-based alternative to traditional diapering options. Since that initial product development, Bumkins Finer Baby Products has encouraged an eco-conscious orientation towards baby merchandising and product consumption through the manufacturing of reusable baby products. By utilizing distinctive design, unparalleled functionality, and visual appeal, Bumkins elevates green living to a stylish and attainable reality.

Ashley Andrews, Sales and Marketing Coordinator
Bumkins Finer Baby Products, Inc.
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