Inserts and Accessories

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Diaper Pail Liner



In stock

  • Heat sealed seams
  • Machine washable
  • Resists odors and stains
  • Reusable for less waste
  • Fits most diaper pails

Reusable Baby Wipe 12 Pack



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These soft and colorful cloth baby wipes are an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable baby wipes. Great for use in wipe warmers. Gentle on your baby's skin. Generously sized 8.5" x 8.5”. Made of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. Machine wash and tumble dry on low.

  • Soft terry fabric 
  •  Reusable 
  •  Eco friendly

Minky Insert 3 Pack


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These 4 ply inserts feature two interior plies of microterry and two exterior plies of soft minky fabric offering optimum absorbency and ultimate comfort. Unlike many other brands of inserts, Bumkins Minky Inserts can be placed directly against baby’s skin.

Each insert measures 13.5"L x 5.5"W.


Waterproof Insert 2 Pack



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These 4 layer inserts feature soft minky fabric and a bottom layer of waterproof PUL offering optimum absorbency and ultimate containment. Unlike many other brands of inserts, Bumkins waterproof Inserts can be placed directly against baby’s skin. (PUL side should always face down and away from baby.)

Each insert measures 13.5"L x 5.5"W.


Snap Insert 2 Pack



Bumkins Snap Inserts are made from 2 plies of our soft, breathable cotton and bamboo rayon blend. The extra long insert is meant to be folded in half to create a 4 plies of absorbency and have a quicker dry time. The inserts feature snaps in the center to attach to Bumkins Snap-In-One or All-In-One cloth diapers.

Each insert measures 26"L x 4.75"W when fully extended and 13"L x 4.75W when folded in half.


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Contour Soaker 2 Pack



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Bumkins extra-absorbent Contour Soakers are specifically designed to fit most brands of cloth diaper covers. Made of 100% cotton velour exterior, they provide a soft, luxurious feel and optimum absorbency with two interior layers of microfiber terry. Bumkins Contour Soakers also feature an opening to add extra absorbency, if needed.

*Diaper cover is required.

Flushable Diaper Liner 100 pack



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Biodegradable and flushable*, Bumkins soft Flushable Diaper Liners are the easiest clean-up solution for soiled diapers. Compatible with any cloth diapering system, these liners provide added convenience and stain protection to any cloth diapering routine. Simply place liner on diaper and when soiled, just flush liner down the toilet.

  • Generously sized at 8.5" by 11"
  • 100% viscose
  • Biodegradable and flushable*

*Not recommended for septic tanks. Know your toilet!


Snappis 3 Pack



In stock

  • 3 pack in size 1 for babies up to about 18 mos.
  • Easy-to-use, safer, and more reliable alternative to diaper pins.
  • Stays in place to ensure a comfortable secure fit.
  • It is easy-to-care-for and can be sterilized in hot water.
  • Stretchable non-toxic Snappi® hooks into the diaper material to make a strong closure.

The Snappi® is a safer, more reliable, EASY to use fastener for cloth diapers that replaces the nasty diaper pins.

Reusable Flannel Wipe 12 Pack



In stock

These top sellers are the popular affordable option in reusable wipes. Made from a soft lightweight flannel for comfort during diaper changes. Great for use in wipe warmers. Each wipe is 100% cotton, sized 8.5" x 8.5” and trimmed with colorful overlock stitching.

Disposable Insert 32 Pack



In stock

Bumkins Disposable Inserts are your on the go solution! Bumkins Disposable Inserts are the convenient option for travel, daycare, or any situation that may call for a disposable. These one size* inserts are perfect for use with your Bumkins Diaper Covers and also work with most other brands.

  • Chlorine Free
  • Perfume Free
  • Plastic Free
  • Ink and Dye Free

*Size may vary depending on individual babies body shape. Always shake off and flush solid waste before disposing of insert in the garbage. Bumkins Disposable Inserts require a waterproof diaper cover, sold separately. 

Cloth Diaper Sprayer



In stock

Bumkins Diaper Sprayer makes cloth diapering easy!
  • Simple installation, no tools or plumber required
  • Adjustable spray pressure
  • Easily rinse cloth diapers - less mess, less stress

The simple way to rinse cloth diapers before washing. The adjustable high-pressure spray is perfect for rinsing messy cloth diapers in the toilet. No more dunk and soak! A diaper sprayer is the perfect partner to your cloth diapering routine - less mess means less stress!

Package includes:

  • Spray wand holder with clip
  • 47.25” stainless steel spray hose with EPDM braided inner hose
  • Solid brass T-connector
  • Brass ceramic shut-off valve, allows for adjustable water flow
  • Spray wand with adjustable lever

*Toilet must have a flexible supply line.

Fits most standard American style toilets. The Bumkins Diaper Sprayer also works great for potty bowl clean-up or personal hygiene. No matter the use, always remember to turn off the diaper sprayer valve after each use!

Wet Bag



In stock

  • Made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric
  • Heat-sealed seams 
  • Zipper closure and snap handle
  • Measures 12"W x 14"L
  • Machine wash hot and hang dry.
  • Great for cloth diapering or carrying dirty clothes
  • Lead free, PVC free, BPA free, Phthalates free, and Vinyl free

Wet/Dry Bag



In stock

Leak-free storage on the go!

  • Exterior is made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric
  • Interior is PUL fabric 
  • Features 2 compartments, one for wet, one for dry. 
  • Heat-sealed seams for true waterproof protection
  • Machine washable 
  • Great for cloth diapering, carrying dirty clothes, swimwear and much more. 
  • PVC, BPA, phthalate and Lead free. 


Waterproof Laundry Bag



In stock

The Bumkins cloth diaper laundry bag is a great choice for storing soiled cloth diapers. Made from a waterproof fabric with heat sealed seams to help prevent leakage, these bags are meant to hold up to 20 cloth diapers at a time. Our cloth diaper laundry bag also features a convenient zipper closure with a snap handle that allows it to be hung from door knobs, hooks or closet rods.

Care: Turn inside out and machine wash and dry with your cloth diapers. Avoid any use of fabric softeners and bleach.

  • 17.5”W x 21”W
  • Great for use with diaper pails or as a laundry bag
  • Zippered closure
  • Handy snap handle to hang on closet rod, change table or door knob
  • Made of Bumkins proprietary Lead, PVC, phthalate, and BPA Free waterproof fabric